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Monday, January 17, 2011

6 ways to say i love u

contengan fatin sulaiman at 11:11 AM

salam.. sweet je tajuk tu. sekali-sekala nak beromantik sorang-sorang sementara tengah single mingle ni kan. hehe.. article ni fatin jumpa kat match.com. fatin highlight yg mana-mana macam best k? check them out!

when u're going out with a great person, it's tempting to max out ur credit cards on the biggest, shiniest, most see-how-i'm-into-u gift possible. but the best gifts are rarely the priciest..to that end, check this out!

1::Frame a mutual momento
start with a simple picture frame and get ready to create some low cost art thats rich in sentimental values...
i tried this once, memang sgt low cost where i put together most our our pictures and his first money he gave me (RM1 utk bukak puasa). fatin amik frame yg fatin dpt free je then buat gambar ala2 collage. xperlu collage skill pun xpe, jnji kita buat yg terbaik utk yg tersayang..

*put it all together for a simple, sleek piece of art thats extra-special for the two of u..

2::Give flowers with finesse
flowers are classic gift from an admirer, but they can set off someone's cliche alarm. xkisah la nak kasik bunga yg mcm mana, ros, jasmine, melur or even matahari, depends on your partner pnya minat pd bunga, then balut cecantik. then, wrap something creative around the stems, outside the florist's paper-a scraf of charm bracelet, a set of ear buds or cordless mouse, etc.

3::Monogram something suprising
give ur date a taste of the upscale life by giving a monogrammed gift of something u'd never expect to see in a "luxury" version. contohnye, u guys design ur own couple tshirt dengan tulis nama sendiri, xpun kat baju tu u karang ayat2 jiwang yg memang 100% from ur heart. have it personalized with his/her initials.

**trust me, monogram make even the most practical gift feel priceless..

4::Try this card trick
Hit a grocery ke kedai buku ke mana2 la yg ada juat card yg tulis ayat2 comel yg sesuai ngn korang n ur date, kemudia deco-deco la ckit bg jd lebih kepada diri anda dan kemudia letak kat tempat2 yg selalu date anda pegi atau pakai. a small card pun xda masalah. contohnya, letak kat tempat duduk kereta dia ke, dlm jaket dia ke, bawah pintu bilik dia ke, kat meja keje dia ke, anywhere yg akan cought her/him by surprise.. xkisah la dia jumpa cepat atau lambat, tp surprise tu yg penting..

5::Nix a chore your sweetie abhors
kadang-kadang tu, the best gift dont give us something we love, but eliminate something we hate. contohnya, kita tolong dia kemas rumah ke (yg dah kawen saje!), cuci kereta dia ke, vacuum kereta dia ke..ape2 la yg macam tolong ringankan beban dia setelah dia kerja penat2 sampai kadang-kadang x sempat nak buat semua tu.. huhu..
***the sincere thanks you get will be well worth it!

6::lastly...Burn some fond memories into a CD
ni yg paling fatin suka. sebab apa? hheeellloo... simple je, sbb itu hanya saat2 bahagia kita bersama saja...u can make ur own CD even more personal by including tunes that refers to different things u've done together.. so sweet... try tau..

till then.. au revoir!

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ymn on January 17, 2011 at 3:58 PM said...

7- Rajin dan komen baca blog dia ..♥♥ sure kembang idung dia ..:P

fatin sulaiman on January 18, 2011 at 8:18 AM said...

@ymn::wawawa..point taken! thanx!


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