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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

giving chance to your self

contengan fatin sulaiman at 2:53 AM
hey guys...sihat sumer...???gud... noe wat guys...??? i learn something just now... learn dat we,as a human being has to learn to give your self chances..not 1, 2 but as long as there is still chance...maybe korg xbrapa jlas...mcm nieh... after certain period in our life, we'll face a stage call failure where maybe we don't get what we want, not achieve the grade we think we deserve,or anything dat disappoint us....and dats the time where second chance comes... we dun have to be afraid to keep on trying...xkan nak takut kot...at least, dengn kegagalan yg awal td, kita tau kat mana salah kita n scara x lgsung, bleh touch up arr sket afterward to be it or even better...seronok kan...???apa yg aku blajaq td adalah, even kita kecewa terhadap satu2 benda, kita jgan putus harap...tp jgn lak bwat benda bodoh lak...try something else, mana nak tau dat "something else" to is so much better than the previous one....kita bolerh mangharap, tp jgn terlalu berharap cuz kadg2 harapan ni gak la yg akan telan kita nnt...gigit jari kot nnt..
so, b4 i sleep, aku cuma nak tekankan....give urself a chance

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