diorg ni yg TERBAEK!! anda? bila lagi?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

strange world.. where are u??

contengan fatin sulaiman at 12:25 PM
salam... pernah rasa nak berlari pegi tempat yang :

nobody care who u are?
nobody know what are u up to?
nobody bother telling u what to do n what not?

ada ke tempat macam tu? can anyobe tell me where it is? hello, this is fatin zahura sulaiman, kind of person who will run from problem as fas as she can.. n i dont care what people say cuz i believe all of them are BULSHITS!!

*so contra with my previous post n again, WHO CARES!
*mode:super bengang with them.. can u please mind ur own business? owh..lupa, u cant afford a simple business pun kan.. ahaks.. GTH pls!

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